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Artisan Curve Circles 1-7-Circle Measurements from .25″ to 3″

Westalee Design Artisan Curve Circle Templates can be used to create many different quilting designs which use a Circle Base, such as Baptist Fans, Mandalas and many more. You can use 1 template or as many as you desire and we have many designs to choose from.

The Artisan Curve Circle Templates will stitch up to an 18″ diameter circle at 1/4″ intervals. Artisan Curves have been designed to be used with marked reference lines, using our Stitch and Rotate Quilting Method.

The Artisan Curve Circle templates can be used with any of our Quilting Templates to create your own unique quilting designs.

As with all templates, Artisan Curve Circle Templates are made Machine Specific. They are cut to 3 different thickness’s to suit the Machines Shank and Make.

The templates shown are for both Long Arm Machines and Domestic Sewing machines.

Available in 7 different sizes.

**Start with your smallest design and build out.

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